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Here is the famous document and file cache of It has now been completely reorganised and also allows the the user to upload files in order to share with others. Please contribute with your rare files, help them spread via As this service is very bandwidth intensive we are also depending on humble donations, so if you have a Paypal account please donate and help us out here! Thank you.



This section offers clients and friends of a cache of rare documents, e-books and essays. We also have Privacy-Tunnel instructions and other technical HOWTO-files here available for you.

Subjects covered comprise of the following, but are not limited to these:


  • Online Forensic Handbook
  • Successful Forex-trading
  • Design of a secure data haven
  • Hawala concept of an alteative remittance system
  • Global Executive
  • Lodging of Wayfaring Men (novel about cyber crime)
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Portable Trades
  • A myriad of info in regard to New Nations
  • Computer Security Handbook
  • PT Hill Books (a value of USD 1500 alone!: passport, diplomacy, offshore , invisible investor)
  • Essays and e-books from Grandpa (BBBB, successor of Hill)
  • Mail drop Directories
  • Famous digital currency FAQ (how to use dgc's and stay anonymous)
  • Q-Wealth Reports
  • Nigerian Scam Anatomic
  • Money movers, anonymous payment systems
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  • Huge section of audio files (mp3) and movies/videos for motivation, success, destiny and conspiracy etc. (Alex Jones, Zig Ziglar, Jay Abrahams, Wayne Dyer, Tom Hopkins, Aaron Russo and many more)
  • Frank Ke, motivation and marketing guru (Mass Control 2.0 - a 2000$ value!)
  • Special section III. Reich coverage (alteate view, not the mainstream)
  • unsorted literature containing declassified govement docs and other explosive revelations
  • and much, much more.......


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