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Easiest privacy tool there is! No configuration, no settings, no fiddling around - One click and all your traffic is fully encrypted!The Privacy-VPN!

  • VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, the type of tunnels corporations and governments use to secure and cloak the data traffic from and to their main servers.
  • Our premium VPN solution is based on the next generation of VPN technology which will restore your privacy and anonymity in full with a few steps.
  • With our VPN solution you can turn any standard computer quickly into a secure and private medium to communicate. None of your applications will require seperate configuration since they'll automatically use our offshore servers.

Your advantages:

  • Excellent for business and home usage, especially professionals
  • High speed connection including 50 Gigabyte traffic each month - if you need more please see our UNLIMITED offer at the end
  • Easy setup and firewall/internal network friendly, you will receive a preconfigured setup to run with a few clicks
  • Using strong encryption protecting you in 2 ways
  • Full protection against eavesdropping and other forms of attacks
  • Ensuring 100 % privacy with no logs !
  • Supports Skype and many other calling solutions (VOIP)
  • P2P Support like torrents, lime, winmx, emule, edonkey
  • Support for proxies, socks and solutions like Tor
  • Excellent for streaming audio and video
  • Excellent for anything requiring low latency
  • you can choose between openvpn (more secure) and pptp (built-in in all windows and mac systems)
  • we even offer a portable openvpn solution: all necessary configurations are copied on a USB-stick, you can access any (public) computer securely via the stick providing unsurpassed encryption on-the-fly while going online (it's called portable openvpn)
  • Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any question !

    Prices for VPN Privacy Solution
  • 50GB traffic each month / payment per 12 months : 190 Euro
  • UNLIMITED traffic / payment per 12 months : 350 Euro

We are not the cheapest, but therefore we are not crowded, nor do we oversell. You always get super fast connections

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