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NEW!! On multiple request we have set up a first class news provider ( is our news feed), which you can sign up anonymously with digital currencies (and other payment forms of course!)

We provide fast reliable access to usenet news. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today for access to online discussions, pictures, music, movies, software and more! Our accounts feature access to:

  • All of the active newsgroups

  • 5,000,000+ pictures

  • 250,000+ mp3s

  • 100,000+ videos

  • online discussions covering a wide variety of topics

  • excellent retention

and, with's multi-homed network you'll have excellent speed and connectivity from any internet service provider!

Is there a reason to use ? You bet! For a low monthly fee, you get a complete newsfeed from the most advanced server setup on the Internet.

  • Soon to be the largest spool on the net! We have currently 23Tb of space. We will have by far the longest retention available; currently 21 days for bins, and 180 days for non-bin

  • Advanced server design. We have a fully redundant server network that can loose any node and keep functioning. By using this technology we can ensure an outstanding uptime.

  • More bandwidth! We currently have multiple gigE connections to redundant backbones.

On top you can combine this service with our Privacy-Tunnel, so no ip-address from your real whereabouts would be made public ever!

Terms: We only do yearly contracts with the following features (Prices have been slashed 20-30% effective October 5, 2005):

- Single User 12 Months (120G), 120 Gigabyte limit at EURO 80

- Single User 12 months (240G), 240 Gigabyte limit at EURO 135

- Single User 12 months (360G), 360 Gigabyte limit at EURO 200

- Single User 12 months UNLIMITED GB at EURO 300 (best deal for high end users!)

NEW: Buy non-expiring GB! 100 GB= EUR 70, 200 GB= EUR 120, 300 GB= EUR 190

Payments accepted are: e-gold, 1mdc, pecunix, cash (EURO, USD or CHF-bills ONLY), traveler cheques (EURO or USD only!), and MONEY ORDERS bought anonymously at the post office or elsewhere!!!
Your payment instruments can be snail mailed to the nearest maildrop next to you, please inquire with us for the mailing instructions.

We also do accept '1stdigit'-credits, that's to say an internal (no-fee) transfer from your offshore bank account at First Digital International Bank, you must have a funded account there to pay us. Open one for free here!

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your desired userID and how you want to pay for it. We will return to you the necessary instructions.

Important Message to our news subscribers: Please always check out the website of our news provider,, whose reseller we are, before you complain to us about any problems with news. They do announce known issues on their homepage. If your

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