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In today's online world your own domain name makes a difference. Instead of looking like the sheep with a yahoo, hotmail or gmail account you can (and should!) have your own domain to distinguish yourself from the crowd. But here comes the catch: registering a domain requires your personal data (also called WHOIS) being given out, and it will be published to the world, for everybody to be retrieved just for asking it. You will get spammed, profiled, traced, etc. offers an elegant solution to this dilemma: register your domain in privacy, with a so-called Privacy-WHOIS and remain in full control over your domain at the same time! All is offered at an unbeatable low price of only EUR 14.99 per year (after all rebates, pricing starts at Eur 19.99).


Use our anonymous domain registration, any data possible - AND you can change them at a later point to anything you want, no credentials needed with the exception of userID and password, which you create during the registration process.


We also can register any domain for you via an associated lawyer's office. This makes sense if you will attract 'special attention' or even controversial reactions with your domain name and the content of the underlying website. The lawyer offers additional protection, keeps you out of the front line abd defends you versus ICANN (ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and other domain squatters. Please inquire for the details of this program and the pertinent cost.

Acceptable payment options are:

  1. pecunix (anonymous)
  2. liberty reserve (anonymous)
  3. supragold (anonymous)
  4. paypal
  5. wire transfer
  6. mailed in cash (anonymous)
  7. money order (US-only!) or traveler cheques mailed in (anonymous)

PS: The registrars we represent are all non-US, as they have turned out to be the worst if it comes to privacy violations, domain seizing or other questionable business practices (both verisign and godaddy are the worst place you possible would like to hold your domain!, do a cursory search here or there)

If you ready to order your domain please follow this link now. You can also buy basic (US) hosting, SSL certificates (thawte without any paperwork). If you have many domains you want to transfer, or want to become a reseller with a white labeled (free) website please inquire with us about the details. The contact sheet is here.

The domain ordering and management interface can be customized to 11 different languages (Arab, German, Spanish, Belarusian, Finnish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, Turkish, Russian and of course English)


Order your own domain now!

If you don't find the domain extension you are looking for please email us with your special wish, we can do almost any domain in the known hemisphere (smaller countries need to be registered manually and sometimes need extra attention)

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