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Besides our basic US-hosting (in case you have 'nothing-to-hide") we also offer offshore hosting, privacy enforced, anonymity possible. Rates start from EURO 120/year for single small package domain hosting (EUR 160 if you need mysql/php as in many sites like joomla, wordpress or drupal driven websites are required), up to 380 EURO/year for a control panel enabled reseller account with 40 domains hosted. Please inquire with us via email, tell us what you need, and we quote you. Controversial websites are not a problem. Countries available to host in are:

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Netherlands
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Malaysia
  5. USA
  6. Czech Republic

Some examples what 'controversial' means: If you want to sell cannabis online you can do this totally legal from Holland, so hosting a website in Holland is the key to stay legal. Hong Kong, the world capital of fake Rolex watches doesn't care, if you offer such items. And if you channel your anger against the US-government, you can do this safely with a censorship free blog hosted out of Malaysia. With our diversified server structure throughout the world you can easily do a perfect geo-abitrage. Very often, offshore is where you are not, and even so called over regulated countries like the US can be used for offshore hosting purposes.
 Over the years we have successfully hosted such controversial content as: - animal protection
 - parabol dish TV decoding helper sites - online pharmacies and vitamin dealers - HYIPS, Forex and other investment schemes - free state projects, government shaking blogs - alternative medicine sites Usually we do Linux hosting only, as this is way securer and about 80% of the world's websites are served from a Linux environment via the Apache webserver anyway. If you plan big things we can even get you a dedicated server or a VPS. Even windows server are possible, if you manage them yourselves, all servers can be rented and set up in selected data centers and we do not require more than the payment and a working email address to communicate with you.
Remember: The domain registrar we use is NOT LOCATED in any Big-Brother-Country! You even can sign up to become a reseller, and thus creating a steady stream of passive income. All info is available here.

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