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Swiss crossPRIVACY.CH -  PRIVACY.CH – Coming from the same people who have been providing electronic privacy and anonymity on the Inteet since 1997, the famous, the swiss branch is focusing on financial privacy and freedom, which can still be obtained through intelligent offshore setups. Since the 9/11 events the US has done everyhting to destroy the offshore world, always with the hint to fight 'terrorism'. They have not prevailed. New payment vehicles like bitcoin, loom, supragold, pecunix have evolved and are there to stay. They still aren't mainstream, far from that, but promising new endeavors with talented coders and early bird adaptors, most still from libertarian and/or nerd circles.


We are here to give valuable information and guidance to foster those new payment systems. And show you how to combine the old offshore world with their IBC's and bearer ownership controlled aged corporations from Costa Rica, Panama and the Marshall Islands

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