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Thursday, 10 September 2009 19:19


NEW! Special service, if the Privacy-Tunnel is too much for you.

We now offer just an email service! WHAT?? You might say, just another email service, and it even costs money? I could have that for free at hotmail, yahoo, hushmail (BEWARE!), you name it...Yes, but our service is not plain vanilla, as the free webbased email providers mentioned before.

Let me explain why this service is different: Email, by design is a dead-box-technology, that's to say you send a message to someone and it remains recorded and stored on the receiving server, accessible to anyone who controls the server (including hackers if they penetrate the server), this situation remains unchanged, until you download (and erase) the email from that server.We have now changed that, your emails are stored on realtime encrypted hard drives, until you download them to your computer via an encrypted connection (SSL-256 Protocol). They are SAFE!

Key Benefits

  • Realtime encrypted drives for storage
  • Your IP is not visible while sending email, headers show the IP of the server
  • SSL/TLS POP3/SMTP/IMAP, all mail protocols supported
  • SSL Webmail, yahoo or hotmail style, but fully secured
  • 125MB Storage, more available if needed
  • Instant and reliable transmission of your messages, no delays. This is a paid-for service and therefore not crowded and unreliable like the free services
  • Various countries as server base possible
  • No logs kept on any of your acitvities
  • No active scripting necessary (JAVA, ActiveX and JAVASCRITPT can be disabled)
  • You can even check 3rd-party emails and securely store them on your encrypted email account with
  • PGP (PrettyGoodPrivacy-encryption) is built in, the open source GnuPG, no need to learn bulky encryption!
  • Your own domain for this mail service is included, of course anonymously registered and kept in trust for you, with Privacy-Whois
  • Specific wishes ? Contact us !
  • Only 69 Euro/12 months, including your individual domain regsitered with Privacy-Whois (from
  • Various anonymous payment forms accepted, of course is supragold among them. If you don't have a supragold account yet, you're definitely missing out on something. Check it out and open your account today with no obligation whatsoever.

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