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Key BenefitsWhen you need a file backup, it either does not work or you never did it in the first place.
These times are over now, since HSS &S arrived. Once and for all, your valuable data is:
- secure and safe
- can be shared with trusted friends (or anybody, if that is your intention)
- is encrypted while in transit and of course while stored  You have heard about the cases where customs agents take copies of your hard drive (while travelling and crossing borders), or force you to divulge your pass phrase, if you were smart enough to encrypt your data. Countries like the UK will put you in jail, if you refuse to give them your passphrase... Now, you travel with your notebook having only the operational System installed (and may some innocent stuff). Before travelling You upload your real important files to your offshore account you have with us, named High Security Storage & Share. Once arrived at your final destination you download your files again. Pricing Information Various pricing models are available, if you only have the need for your own account you should just select the appropriate size and order accordingly. If you need to grow later, accounts can be upgraded at any point of time, you just pay the prorata amount towards the original expiration date. In case you want to run real big accounts you shpuld order by the 'master account' which ciomes with big sizes of hard drive space. With this option chosen you can also resell the service and creating accounts at will, with the sizes you want.  

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